Co - founder of HeartCore

Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)


Registered Physiotherapist


Emmet Technique Full Practitioner


Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)


Functional Integrated Dry Needling Practitioner


STOTT PILATES ® Certified for All Equipment


STOTT PILATES ® Rehab Pilates Trained Instructor (Reformer)


Total Barre ® Certified Instructor

Alice Chong was one of the pioneer Bachelor of Physiotherapy graduates from University of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. There, a lecturer once said to her, “We physiotherapists are Movement Specialists”. These simple words were so inspirational that Alice was determined to become one herself. A true movement specialist.


During her internship in several major government hospitals around Malaysia, Alice always felt there must be something more she can offer to her patients to make them move better regardless of their condition. Prior to her graduation, she was introduced to STOTT PILATES®. She found Pilates to be a holistic fitness system that improves flexibility, muscle strength, balance, coordination and endurance in the entire body. On top of that, STOTT PILATES® of exercise, being refined by the founders along with a team of physical therapy, sport medicine and fitness professionals, is acclaimed as one of the most effective method available for both rehabilitation and sport performance boosting.


Alice, then decided to go beyond being just a physiotherapist. She wanted to excel and be different. So, she worked her way through to be certified as a STOTT PILATES® instructor, and integrated this role with her primary profession. Her decision was proven right when she started to witness overwhelmingly positive results in all her musculoskeletal cases within a short period of time.

Along her unconventional career pathway, Alice swiftly picked up other manual therapeutic methods to complement her practice. They further sharpened her observation and perfected her clinical skills in a spectacular way. The experience she gained in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions formulated her unique treatment philosophy that focuses on using manual therapy to first restore biomechanics of joint, followed by muscles retraining and motor control strategies for dysfunctional movement correction.


Her distinctive treatment approach brought her many referrals, including athletes such as figure ice-skaters, runners, marathoners, triathletes, footballers, basketballers, tennis players, badminton players, golfers, cyclists, wind-surfers, dancers, and so on. According to these clients, she has ‘X-ray Eyes’ that can detect all movement defects and “Magic Hands” that fix them quickly. Jokes apart, Alice draws satisfaction from the fact that her clients trust her, even and especially after they have been told by many professionals that they cannot do sports anymore. Nothing brings more joy to her than being able to journey with her clients out of their valley of injury back into competitive sports, except, of course, when they proudly reported to her after breaking one personal record after another.


Alice never stop learning to be the best physiotherapist-Pilates instructor hybrid. In her leisure time, she pursues her passion in dancing, that she started since five. She adores beautiful dancing poses and never stops to explore various body movements since young. Back then, she was exposed to different kind of dances, even rhythmic gymnastics. Now, she is more into Latin dance. Dancing helps her experience fast movement transition and internalise proper core engagement, allowing her to practise what she preaches. Now that Alice has become a true movement specialist, she enjoys prescribing functional and targeted exercises to make people move better or move again, with a secret intention to make everybody as lively as the dancer in her.