Diploma in Performing Arts


STOTT PILATES ® Certified Instructor (Mat and Reformer)


Total Barre ® Certified Instructor

Belle is a cheerful and petite girl. You can never feel down when she is around. But Belle was not always like this. She used to be depressed and overweight. At least that was before she came to know Pilates.


Ever since she started her pilates journey, Belle is totally transformed. She found her passion, something that she wants to do for life. It was like she discovered herself all over again. The only thing that she lost was weight. A lot of weight. Pilates taught Belle mind-body awareness. She loved the way it made her feel her body. She started using the correct muscles in her exercise routines and began to work out intelligently. It totally changed her physique and made her feel more confident.


Having been outstanding while doing her Diploma in Performing Arts, especially in subjects like music and dance, and acting and improvisation, Belle understands what it means to not just move but to do it gracefully and naturally. With Pilates, she can now also do it correctly to avoid injury. After experiencing its healing potential, Belle decided to make teaching Pilates a lifetime career. She gave it all out to become a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor. Now, she can find joy in seeing her clients transform under her care.


Belle's passion is so contagious that it gives her client with no exercise background the confidence to follow her path. She is now training a client to become fit like herself, with the aim to eventually become an instructor! Otherwise, Belle conducts regular private and group classes. Dancers and gymnasts are among her favourite students. When Belle is not teaching, she enjoys dancing as well as singing while playing on the piano. Join Belle! If you're lucky, she might sing you a tune or two!