Mary Ann

Co-founder of HeartCore

Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio


Registered Staff Nurse


STOTT PILATES ® Certified Instructor (Mat and Reformer)


Total Barre ® Certified Instructor

Mary Ann is a ballet dancer since young. Apart from ballet, she also performed contemporary dances. A sporty and energetic person like her could have make dancing her lifelong career. Instead, she became a nurse. After two years working in operation theatre in a Singapore hospital, Mary Ann realised that, although she could participate in saving the lives of many people, she could not save herself from falling sick.    


Ill and depressed, Mary Ann left the job she loved and returned to Malaysia. She was downcast because she could no longer provide care to others. Instead, she herself needed to be taken care of. Besides, she had to take up a less preferred job to support herself financially. Due to this loss of life direction and the stress associated, her condition did not improve much either.

While she was about to accept her fate, Mary Ann was introduced to Pilates as a career. Being initially sceptical, she still decided to give it a try, thinking to herself that she had nothing to lose. That moment marked the start of a new journey for Mary Ann, a journey in the recovery of her health and rediscovery of her life passion. 


Having a strong background in dancing, Mary Ann picked up Pilates very quickly. In the beginning, she was only looking for a new career as a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor. But being able to become fit while working improved her condition such that she no longer needed to be medicated. Eventually, Mary Ann fell in love with this new job. And her clients love her fun-filled classes too.

It is not difficult to understand that clients are drawn to Mary Ann’s easy-going character and high spirit. She is particularly popular among mothers. Having been a compassionate nurse, she cares for them so much so that she decided to become a mother herself to understand their struggle, and to motivate them with proof that it is possible for the body to recover to pre-partum shape, by incorporating Pilates especially pre- and postnatal Pilates into daily activities.


Looking at Mary Ann now, people would not suspect she is a mother. That is why many

are surprised when her daughter is with her. Although Mary Ann had a smooth delivery thanks to her strong core muscles, she is not spared the mixed emotions raising this energetic kid. Nevertheless, she loves spending quality time with her and believes that she can only go far in life with her by staying healthy and fit herself.